I want my child to start at the setting what do I need to do?

You are welcome to book a tour of the centre and see what we offer. If you would like your child to start please feel in an Expression of Interest form which you can either get from our main reception or it is available on our website. A member of the team will then be in touch.

How many staff will be looking after my child?

The number of adults in each room is dependent on the age of the children. The adult/child ratios are:

  • 2-3-year olds- 1:4
  • 3-4-year olds 1:8
When will I hear if my child has been allocated a place?

This will depend on when you have applied. You will receive conformation we have received your request and your child will be added to the waiting list, you will be contacted when a place becomes available.

How will staff get to know my child and their individual needs?

Every child is allocated a key person, as well as being part of a smaller family group. Family groups will ensure that if your keyperson is absent, there is another adult that has a strong attachment to your child. When your child settles into the centre the keyperson will spend time with you and your child getting to know everything that makes them unique. We will also ask you to fill out a “all about me” sheet. The keyperson will spend time with your child everyday and will be the person to observe and report on their progress. We openly encourage parents to speak to their keyperson whenever they have any queries or questions.

How will you help to settle my child and when will they start?

Before your child starts, we will be in contact to arrange your child’s settling in sessions. We are aware that if you are a working family you will need to ensure wherever possible your child is happy and confident before you return to work. You will be allocated a key person who will talk through our settling in procedure. We follow a settling in process which responds to how confident your child feels. Every child starts with a 1 hour settling sessions which you will stay for. The following settling in sessions will gradually increase in time. Every child is different and the amount of settling sessions depend on each child.

I think my child has additional needs; how will you help support them?

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and this allows us to respond to the individual needs of each child that attends the centre. If a child needs additional support we will follow the graduated approach. Please see the SEND section for more detailed information. We also have a SENDCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) that you can speak to and will work with your child’s key person to ensure that your child gets the support that they need.

When does my child get their free funded hours from the government (including 30 hours)?

Depending on your family situation there are various government funded initiatives which provide free funded sessions for 2, 3- & 4-year olds. See the below links for further information:

Help paying for childcare: Free education and childcare for 2-year-olds – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Help paying for childcare: 15 hours free childcare for 3 and 4-year-olds – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

How do I book an extra session? Can I change a session?

You can request an ad-hoc extra session or a permanent change by asking for a ‘change of session’ form from the main reception. The availability will be dependent on capacity in the individual rooms. Please give as much notice as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to swap sessions.

Do I have to pay if my child is sick or on holiday?

If you are paying for sessions you will need to pay for them all year round, apart from bank holidays, the week for Christmas closure and the 5 staff training days. If you have a planned absence and fill in a form with 7 Days’ notice, we can deduct the meal charges as we are able to plan ahead and reduce meal numbers on those days

What days are you closed?

We are open all year round apart from a week a Christmas and 5 staff training days. We share these dates with families in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

If your child is on a funded all year around  place, funding will come to an end during August, if you require a place after this date please contact a member of staff.

Is there a uniform and how much does it cost?

We do have uniform available to buy but this is optional. You can buy either a t-shirt or jumper from reception.

Can my child come in when they are sick or on medication?

As with all schools and Early Years settings this is dependent on the illness. There can be times when your child has a contagious illness and they need to be a home. For example, if your child has sickness or diarrhoea they will need to be clear for 48 hours so that we can restrict the spread of the illness. We can give children medication if it is labelled with your child’s name by a pharmacy. We will ask you to fill in a medicine administration form. If your child is on a medication such as antibiotics for he first time we ask that they have at least been on it for 24 hours so that we can see how they react. If your child has a temperature they will need to be at home and can return when the fever has stopped. On the whole when children are sick they normally want to be with their family at home having cuddles. For more information please read our medication policy.

Community and family support

I have moved to the area and have a child; what groups do you have?

We add an up to date ‘What’s on’ timetable to the website and Social Media which will show what groups are running. If you are still unsure please ring us on 01179593800 and we happily discuss the groups with you.

I am interested in one of your groups, do I need to book?

You can either book online or pay on the day. If a specific group has limited spaces we will advertise this on both social media and the website and how to book your space.

Can I get my baby weighed at the centre?

The Health Visitors run their Baby Hub for the area at the centre. They currently run Wednesdays 9.30-11. This is followed by Breastfeeding group ran by North Bristol Children Centre. If you have any questions regarding these groups please contact:

Health Visitors: 0117 9500 844

North Bristol Children Centres: 0117 9030740

I am struggling as a parent/ we are struggling as a family can you help?

Yes! The purpose of the charity is to support families. We have a dedicated Community Development Team that can assess your needs and what support we can offer. We can also signpost you to other organisations if needed.

Prison services

I am a professional working with a family who has a family member in prison, can you help?

Yes, please either ring or email CAPO@everyfamily.org.uk We can put you in touch with your local CAPO Champion who can discuss resources and websites which can support the family.

I am a professional and would like to become a CAPO Champion.

Contact us either on the telephone or CAPO@everyfamily.org.uk and we can let you know when the next Champions training dates are.

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